Main features currently implemented

  • Package are described in a declarative file (inspired from Cabal and RPM .spec files), so you can easily introspect basic features of packages without running any python code (besides bento).
  • A command line interface to configure, build, install projects.
  • Easy integration with native filesystem conventions: every install directory is customizable at the configure stage (autoconf-inspired).
  • Building eggs without depending on setuptools.
  • Simple C-extension building framework, with content-based automatic dependency tracking, and parallel build support.
  • Recursive package description support
  • Hooks for customizing arbitrary stages (configure, build, etc...)
  • Easy to implement new commands
  • Windows installer support and basic egg support.
  • Scons/waf libraries to interact with Scons and Waf build tools, so that complex packages can have access to a real build system with dependencies handling.

Future features

  • Conversion to native packages (.deb, .rpm, .msi, etc...)